“District 2 Voice With District 2 Roots”

More About Carala

CARLA:    The baby girl to the late Oscar R. William AKA Daddy Ray, Deloris G. Williams AKA Mama Dee and a Sister Gail Williams Collins.  She is 64, married and gave birth to three children are Andrea D. Walker, my daughter and son, Dominque D. Walker “Parenthood has been a blessing for me.”  Carla has been a resident of the great Eastside of San Antonio for 64 years.  Born at Santa Rosa Hospital where the late Dr Frank Bryant Jr. was her childhood physician.

CARES:  Carla’s health concerns have been with her since the onset of juvenile diabetes and later kidney failure which led to dialysis for three months.  I received a  kidney from a living donor, Renee Joy McGhee.  Then a series of over seven surgeries on both eyes.  This demonstration shows that she is blessed by God, allowed her spirit to flourish and recognize the importance of caring for others

CONNECTED:   Carla is active and involved with her family.  She is an expert communicator, who worked in public relations, media advertising, participated in parent summits, held membership in Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and business partnerships with the school system.  She is focus driven and have actively served on city commissions and boards which has allowed her to be connected in her community and professional world.

CONFIDENT:  Carla, a former  entrepreneur, on the eastside of San Antonio in District 2, owned two different business 1) an assisted living facility called Imani Assisted Living Home, where she cared for elderly and handicapper male resident 2) a health care and skincare line of cosmetics called CHASK, Cosmetics Carla’s Health and Skincare.  She owned in partnership with cousin Cynthia Warrick at Warrick’s Pharmacy in District 2.

COMPASSIONATE:  Carla has shown her interest about the needs of others and is extremely compassionate about all people.  The importance to promote better health care needs was presented while working in a Administrative Director Antioch Golden Years Personal Care Home in District 2.  The opportunity provided her the hands on experience of witnessing the demand for high quality health care that is needed in District 2.  Thereby, the importance of accessibility to Urgent Care facilities and high quality  medical care facilities in District 2.

CONSISTANT:  Carla encourages citizen participation which created a model of transparency.  She started at an early age being a member of Brownies, Girl Scotus, San Antonio Youth Organization, Project Fee Program, Parks and Recreation Camps in San Antonio, NAACP Youth  Council, The Black Expo, Neighborhood First Alliance, “Take Pride in the Eastside”, Martin Luther King Jr. March and the Commission, City Boards and Commissions, United Way, Parental Involvement Program, Light House organization at Frost Bank, 1976 Liberty Bell when Al Rhode was Uncle Sam, during the bicentennial Year, marched in our famous Fiesta Parade as a Peacock as a symbol model of the Handy Andy warehouse exhibit on the eastside, performed as a modern Jazz dancer at the Artisan River theatre, member of the neighborhood association. She plans to continue to be active in her community and help make a difference.

COMMITTED:   Carla has received numerous honors and award from various professional associations showing that she is making a difference.   If you care you will ask, how can I be part of the improvement to make something better?  Your actions speak louder than words.  Carla feels LOVE is an action word.  If you LOVE something or someone you show it!  Carla has given sacrificial time to what she LOVES, her community and from her childhood to her adulthood she has bee committed to the cause.  Not concerned about title, or label just excited about being a TEAM MEMBER to the cause.  Carla is a “Difference Maker!”